Solar power. No roof required.

Rocky Mountain Power’s new Subscriber Solar program makes it easy for you to use solar energy without having to install rooftop solar panels. If you rent or own a building that is unsuitable for rooftop solar panels, this program allows you to enjoy the benefits of Utah-generated solar energy for your business with no installation required.

Commercial Subscriber Solar benefits


Easily subscribe to solar energy without any equipment installation or investment


Reduce your environmental impact by choosing a local renewable energy source


Take your solar subscription with you within Utah for as long as you want to receive solar energy

Here's how it works

Subscriber Solar allows you to get full or partial solar energy replacement from a 20-megawatt solar plant in Millard County, Utah. Each custom solar subscription is divided into units known as blocks. Simply choose the number of 200-kilowatt-hour Subscriber Solar blocks you would like and let us do the rest. Even substituting some of your monthly energy usage for one block of solar energy can make a big difference in reducing your carbon footprint and supporting sustainable energy generation in Utah.

Subscriber Solar is offered on first-come, first-served basis. Reserve solar blocks for your home today. Service begins in 2017.